We offer exciting, functional Cesal aluminum suspended ceilings from the leading Russian producer of metal ceilings. We are focused on expanding partner network, consisting of all types of clients – from retail and wholesale ceiling buyers to architects and designers. Our specialists are not only engaged in wholesale and retail sale of reliable, state-of-art ceilings, but will also help you choose the perfect ceiling and make project calculations.

     Soffito aluminum ceilings promise functionality and efficiency!

    When you purchase ceilings at Soffito OOO, you acquire the possibility to bring any design to life, whether it is an office, an exhibition room, a trading space, or a warehouse; whether it is a car salon, a parking area, an airport or a sporting arena. It can be a hotel, a restaurant or a café; a school or a swimming pool; a hospital or any other medical institution. Our ceilings are perfect in a bathroom, a hall, a kitchen or a garage, as well as in your countryside house. Use them as siding on houses, balconies or galleries.

Aluminum ceiling is the ultimate solution for many projects, because of the unique properties of aluminum: corrosion, water, fire and thermal resistance; light weight; sustainability; high level of smoke permeability; easy installation and dismantling; long life (up to 50 years), many design options, and more than 40 colors.

All our products are certified (Fire Safety, Health, Certificate of conformity).

At Soffito, we offer aluminum suspended ceilings, because they possess all the properties needed to guarantee the comfort and safety of your room. 
You can choose different shapes and designs, combine various colors and types of ceilings.

We are always happy to advise our clients on how to choose the best solution and how to make the calculations. Major part of our products is available in stock in Kaliningrad.