Grigliato CL-15

The possibilities are endless with this product. The system consists of individual grids, and it is framed with an angle. The result – an isolated panel. Each grid panel can be mounted into a 15 mm wide T-bar.


- Easy and fast installation
- Design and appearance (the effect of a single solid space. The possibility of combining different ceiling elements in one space, on one suspension system, by alternating panels and grids, which creates the illusion of lightness and transparency)
- Durability (possibility of multiple installation and dismantling of individual grids without violating the integrity of the entire system)
- Easy access to utilities (ventilation, electrical wiring, surveillance cameras, fire detectors, etc.)
- Eco-friendliness (no recycled raw materials)
- Fire safety
- High moisture resistance

 Cell height: 40 mm.
 Cell widths: 50 mm, 75 mm, 100 mm, 200 mm.