Mirror finish

The perfect mirror finish is achieved by anodizing or electroplating. This modern coating creates a stunning effect of a real mirror. At the same time, it retains the extraordinary lightness of the structure. The scope of application of such ceilings is limited only by the imagination of the customer. The best designers, not only in Russia but also in Italy, have long used this fantastic product in their interiors, either independently or in combination with opaque textures. You can achieve truly magnificent interiors if you combine them with stretch or textile ceilings.

- Panel: 595mm x 595mm (exposed system).
- Panel: 300x300mm (concealed system).
- Panel width: 150 mm, 100 mm, 25mm.
- Length: 3m and 4m.

- Bedrooms
- Hallways, entrance-halls
- Salons
- Restaurants
- Swimming pools
- Stores, boutiques
- Hotels
- Bathrooms and toilets.